Balkan Institute of Innovative Development (BIID) specializes in the development and management of European cultural and educational projects. Its purpose is to increase innovation (the creation of new education methods, outcomes etc.), provide inspiration (help create new ideas) and to realize innovative ideas.

BIID is mostly cooperating with youth centres, non-formal education providers, research institutions, universities, NGOs and vocational institutions in Bulgaria and around Europe. Senior teachers, researchers, professors and experienced practitioners work as advisors and consultants.

BIID researchers build projects related to education about different educative tools; practices and innovative application of the entire technology available nowadays are the main goals of the organisation. The usage of the modern tools and practices also encourages the innovative approach in the non-formal education by using unique methodology and practical application of the knowledge. The main objective of the NGO is building a platform where young people, women and adults can learn and practice how to efficiently use the innovative education technology and generate new solutions and ideas.

BIID is enthusiastic organization formed by professionals and experts who continuously work on local and international projects. The institute also cooperates with schools and teachers giving them support and training about various tools and innovations.

Our Team

Selver Yuseinova Mentes, President
Adi Konedareva, Project Manager
Serdar Mentes, Senior Researcher
Ayse Ses, Pedagogue