Main activities of the institute are:

– Development of civil society through the promotion of the youth sector to take the real roles in the community.

– Open horizons of young people and expand their knowledge by introducing them to other cultures around the world.

– Support and develop the field of non-formal education for young people by raising awareness of mental and broadening cultural understanding in the field of scientific research.

– Promote dialogue and cooperation in the fields of education, training, youth, life-long learning, global education, career guidance, environment, sustainable development, culture, sports, employment, entrepreneurship and social affairs.

– Promote modern training methods and techniques (open and distance learning, non-formal education and on the job training).

– Provide the members of the NGO with a space where they can develop initiatives, implement specific actions, exchange information and experience on is-sues related to sustainable development and education.

– Develop European awareness of the citizens based on mutual respect and inter-cultural understanding through intercultural education.

– Promote global education and the United Nations’ millennium development goals, as well as human rights education and world peace education.

– Promote the policies of the European Union and the European Council in the areas of education, training, youth, life-long learning, global education, culture, sports, employment, entrepreneurship and social affairs.

– Promote the communication, cooperation and sharing of experiences with other organizations, at national and European level.

– Promote the quality of life through education on issues of prevention and health education, and to ensure the social cohesion and equal opportunities for education, employment and social progress for all citizens.

– Promote the cultural heritage and the social, intellectual, artistic and athletic development of the citizens.

– Study and promote issues of European studies and international relations.

– Promote research in all topics of interest of the organisation.

– Promote creativity, sense of initiative and entrepreneurial culture among local community, especially the young people.

– Promote cooperation among generations.

– Support trainers, teachers and youth workers.

– Develop the skills of young people with fewer opportunities and young people residing in both rural and urban areas of the country in order to safeguard education and decent employment.

– Promote volunteerism, at local, national, European and international level.

– Promote educational, voluntary and professional mobility of young and older people in European and international level according to the specific priorities of the European Commission.

– Encourage the participation of people with fewer opportunities in all areas of interest of the organisation.

– Take initiatives in the field of environment (research, studies, seminars, campaigns, publications).